October 14, 2021 2 min read

When selecting your go-to staples, we admit we’re biased. But not every piece of jewelry can be worn working 9-5, for a night out, or during your routine sweat session. Can your jewelry do that?

The Everyday Earring

You can’t go wrong with a no-nonsense hoop, so we made the Endless Hoop to run in or nap in (or hopefully both.) Available in 5 different sizes, you’re in control of how dainty or extra you want to go, but we believe the bigger the hoop, the bigger the boss. Don’t believe us? Check out Endless Hoop Evangelist, Jessica N.


If hoops aren’t for you, it’s hard to pick between all of our studs and stud packs but we’ll try our best. The Sweat Drop Studs are the perfect combo of minimalist and modern, with their unique shape and open space, these are sure to be a compliment magnet.

The Staple Necklace

For the necklace you never take off, we suggest a sterling silver or gold sleek but sturdy chain with a simple accent. Meet the classic Mini Disc necklace, a customizable, made for everyday necklace perfect for layering with other necklaces or to rock all alone. 40+ five star ratings don’t lie- this customer favorite was made to be worn.

If you’re looking for a trendy and sophisticated alternative to the Mini Disc, our Oro Chain is the Mini Disc’s chic older sister who lives in Paris, and there’s a reason we can’t keep this guy in stock. This elevated yet wear-with-all necklace comes in a variety of chain lengths, and its gold filled or sterling silver base makes it sweatproof, waterproof and as we like to say, lifeproof!

The Ring Set Stackable ring sets give you flexibility to mix and match your hand candy, and we recommend our Stack Ring Bundle. Wear them all on 1 finger or spread the love, keep refreshing your look in either sterling silver or gold finishes. Upgrade to our Gold Cigar Band or Silver Cigar Band for a timeless and bold addition to your jewelry box. We don’t usually play favorites, but these are essentials to the collection of any ring lover looking to blend everyday sophistication with classic fashion.


Why OXB?

  • We create jewelry that’s made to last, good for you and good for the environment.
  • Each piece is handmade in Denver, Colorado by a team of women who care deeply about design, sustainability, and our fitness community.
  • Excessive waste from the mass-produced jewelry and fashion industry is compounding, and we’re devoted to offering quality jewelry at a fair price that our customers will love.
  • We use high quality metals and recycled gold All our jewelry is custom and made to order 5% of every purchase is donated to a worthy cause Can your jewelry do that?
Shop #sweatproof jewelry from OXB and join our team - let’s get sweaty!

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