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Learn more about how we got started in the interview with for National Women's Week.  

Our last highlight for the March Women's Week is OXB Studio, a sweatproof jewelry line. Meet the Founders - Maggie, a metalsmith and jeweler and Laura, a Master Instructor for CycleBar. These two combined their skills and built a business to bring workout jewelry to the game. Read more into how OXB came to be and the entrepreneurs behind it.

Meet the ladies of OXB Studio

Was there a defining moment when you just knew you had to start treating your passion as a business and no longer as a hobby? Or did you always know this specific passion of yours would become a business? 

OXB was never a passion project or a hobby, it was a product of two passionate people making a conscious decision to start a brand of sweatproof jewelry. We saw a hole in the market and decided to go after it. 

Rewind to 2018, founders, Laura and Maggie, met in an indoor cycling class. Maggie, a metalsmith and jeweler, had injured her ankle and couldn’t run anymore and decided to use cycling to rehab her injury. Laura, a Master Instructor for CycleBar, happened to be teaching that day and every Tuesday at 7am thereafter. After a few projects on a different jewelry line together, we seemed to have the puzzle piece to this business that the other was missing, so we launched OXB Studio, a line of jewelry made of high quality, yet affordable metals that are made to be worn. 



We’ve all heard the struggles of starting a business and the questions that keep entrepreneurs up at night, what habits did you develop or strategies did (or still do) you use to keep your internal light shining bright even when you wanted to quit? 

Exercise is a really big part of how we started and remains important to our culture here  at OXB. We continue to leave our office for mid-day workouts visiting our favorite lagree or yoga instructors. Also, up for suggestions from other entrepreneurs…



Now that your passion project has become your 9 to 5 grind, what passions do you practice to keep your creative juices flowing during your dusk to dawn hours?

We would never refer to this as a passion project, we saw a need for a business in fitness and fashion that used our skills to fill the market space. We wish we could say our hours normalized to 9-5! If you are asking what we do in our free time…travel. We love the flexibility of working for ourselves so if there is a day or two where we can plan an escape we do so. Occasionally we combine work and play, in fact, we are headed to Mexico to work on our business visions and website.



We know that your company and its individuals do good in many ways, what is the one do-good thing or principle you want more people to know about your brand and your team of badasses? 

Over the past year we have developed a retail model in which we partner with nonprofits. Retail is a huge (and often missed) opportunity for fundraising, collaboration and to further the mission of our partners. Recently we collaborated with Project Peaceful Warriors, to develop a custom peace sign disc in which a percentage of the profits were donated to their school programs funding trauma-based yoga and healing through movement.



What’s one more thing you want us to tell the world about your company?

OXB is actually an acronym for Our eXercise Brand.


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